Why choose us?

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  • Both the founder and the psychologist are fully trained in child education from birth to adulthood
  • Small classes
  • Child centred instruction
  • A curriculum which scaffolds your child into learning promoting growth
  • A curriculum where your child learns
  • A curriculum where your child has the freedom to learn through play and knowledge at his/her own pace
  • A curriculum where your child is able to socialise at his/her own level
  • Trained and qualified English teachers and co-teachers
  • Two teachers in each classroom
  • An integrated theme-based international curriculum to reinforce all aspects of language learning in a kinesthetic atmosphere
  • An emphasis on the development of social skills, knowledge and attitudes
  • A Syllabus which emphasises on litracy,  math and the arts recognised worldwide
  • An atmosphere, which supports, social, physical intellectual and emotional growth
  • An ideal environment for exploration and discovery