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Woodsview International Nursery and Preschool offers an inquiry-based curriculum delivered in English. The syllabus includes Literacy, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts, Yoga, Cookery, Music and Physical Education.

Our curriculum is based on active learning. This means your child will be faced with direct experiences and the chance to derive meaning through reflection. It is known that young children construct their own knowledge, which helps them make sense of their world through experimentation and guidance.

The power of active learning comes from personal initiative. Young children act on their innate desire to explore; they ask and search for answers to questions about people, materials, events and ideas that arouse their curiosity. They solve problems that stand in the way of their goals – learning new strategies allowing them to succeed.

Through interacting with people socially and creatively children are encouraged to use their own ideas, prompting their mental, emotional, social and physical growth. The extent to which the teacher scaffolds a child’s initiative is crucial in determining a self-confident child and in turn a successful child. Active learning is dependent on positive adult-child support.

The Woodsview curriculum is delivered through a ‘child’ centred syllabus with scaffolding from teachers who have been trained in International schools and advocate different methods of teaching. Extra curricular activities, which are included in the Woodsview curriculum are dance, gym, art, cookery, crafts, yoga and music.