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Summer Time in Vienna

Summer school is open to non-residence of Woodsview age 2-6 years. Summer School is available for children to attend the programme on a weekly or monthly basis. Activities include water play, creative art and craft, yoga, drama, cookery, music and movement.
Woodsview children have the freedom of our safe garden to explore and play in. We provide water play all day and team games with the teachers.
Summer school commences in June of the academic year. Summer School fees are only for non-residence of Woodsview. Please contact the office for further information and to register. Early registration is recommended.

The Parents Association

All parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the Parents Association and are welcome to become involved in organising and running school events, including shows and fund raising and collections for charities outside the school.
Parents are welcome to come into the school and help with reading, art and craft activities on an individual basis. You may simply want to observe your child in the classroom. However, if you wish to become more involved, please contact the office for a parent visitor’s form.

Trips and the Bus Service

The School uses a private firm to provide a pick-up and drop-off service for some trips when public transport is not available. The bus company is an independent company, thus fees are charged by the company not by the school.
The school takes no responsibility for your child whilst riding this service. However, we are confident in recommending the service and our teachers ride the service