Accident and Safety Policy

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The safety of our children is of paramount importance. Therefore, the school maintains stringent accident and safety policies. The school building and grounds comply with all fire, flood and earthquake statutory safety requirements. In addition, and importantly, all our staff are fully trained to deal with all major eventualities. We carry out fire, flood and earthquake drills on a regular basis.

In the event of an accident, depending upon its severity, the school will administer basic first aid treatment and contact the parent(s) immediately to report the incident. Dedicated members of the school staff, who are trained and certified in current first aid practice, will deal with all incidents.

In line with current international health and safety practices, the school is generally restricted to washing minor cuts, grazes and bruises with clean water only. At the time of registration, parents will be required to specifically state whether, in such issues, they wish for the school to apply an antiseptic cream and/or a sterile dressing, such as a plaster, subject to confirming their child has no allergies to the products used by the school.

In the event of a severe accident, the child’s parent(s) will be notified immediately and the school will arrange for immediate care and attention at the nearest hospital or the parent’s preferred choice advised at the time of registration.  Any injury above the shoulders no matter how minor the parent is contacted, this is to enable the parent to collect the child if he/she feels the need.

The school’s accident and first aid policy is provided at the time of registration and reviewed each school calendar year.